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drumdots 4 pack of drum dots tone control, reduces over-ring


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drumdots are the best over-ring control product on the market today, Bar None!

Whether it be during a LIVE performance, recording session, or if you're just practicing, drumdots always deliver the sound you need without sacrificing the tone you love.

The secret is in the V-TemTM  polymer, precision molded into the carefully engineered drumdot shape.  It is this combination of material and design that allow it to offer superior performance in every situation.


  • Reduce the over-ring without over muting the natural strike tone of your drum!
  • Can be used on any head on your drum kit, even vertical and upside down, giving you limitless versatility.
  • Are re-usable and re-newable.  If they get dirty, rub with a drop of baby oil, then wash with soap and water. Good as NEW!
  • Won't fall off while your playing or leave a residue on your drum head.
  • Will never lose their shape, or melt, on stage or in the package.
  • Are crystal clear and look great on ANY drum kit.

Are designed to reduce the over-ring, NOT muffle the Tone.
Click on the Spectrograph and SEE the difference.

It takes 2 - "X" Gels to Nearly equal the ring time reduction of 1-drumdot, BUT in the process the "X" gel MUFFLES the Strike Tones, muting the Tone of the drum.

Strike Tone - The frequencies (tone) generated the moment the drum is struck. 
Over-ring - The time the drum rings after the initial strike.
(AKA Over-Tones)



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