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Elementary School Band & Orchestra Lesson Program

Private Music Lessons for Elementary School Band & Orchestra Students


The best source for music lessons in Wichita, KS. We offer lessons on guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, ukulele, violin, mandolin, banjo, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and many other instruments.

About the Program

The program is designed to partner a new instrumentalist with one that has many years of experience and advanced ability. The teacher will serve as a mentor, demonstrating proper care & maintenance of the instrument, correct playing technique and help the beginner establish a consistent practice routine.

  • Instrument Case & Maintenance
  • Correct Playing Technique
  • Consistent Practice Routine

Find Your Voice

Playing an instrument is a personal experience that allows you to share your individuality. Whether you play in church or in a rock band, alone in your room or in a coliseum, your voice on your instrument is unique.
We want to help you find & develop your voice.
The more comfortable you are with music and your instrument, the easier it is to express yourself.

About the Teachers

Our Elementary Program Teachers must meet a minimum standard of; They must have taken private music lessons, they are at least a junior in high school, they have been identified by their school director as an outstanding musician with good teaching qualities.

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Student Showcases

Our students have an opportunity to perform in public!  The Showcases are held at various times throughout the year and students are highly encouraged to participate in at least one each year.

Safe Environment

The safety of our Students and Teachers is a priority. Our teachers pass a Background Check. Our Lesson Studios have a CCTV Camera with a Display TV in our waiting area, parents can see what's happening in the lesson without interfering. Lesson Studios also have windows on the doors so you can see inside.


Tuition & Schedule

Elementary School Band & Orchestra Private Lesson tuition is $52 per month.

You chose a day and time that is then reserved for you every week. Each weekly lesson is 30 minutes. The month's tuition is due at the first lesson of the month. There is a $5 late fee if lessons are not paid by the 10th day of the month.

This program is intended for first and second year school and & orchestra students only. Older students should enroll in our regular program.

Regular lessons with our advanced teachers are are $94 per month. Click here for info about our regular lesson program.


Students are expected to attend all lessons. There will be several months that have a 5th lesson, we use this extra lesson to account for holidays when the store is closed and your vacation or illness should you need it. Naturally, there will be times when illness or transportation problems will unavoidably alter your schedule.  Rescheduling your lesson IS NOT a Guaranteed possibility, however, if we are notified at least one day in advance, we will make every effort to reschedule depending upon your teacher’s availability. If a cancellation is made after hours or the day of the lesson, rescheduling is not an option.