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Kiddy Keys


Kiddy Keys, music class for Preschoolers

What is Kiddy Keys?

Kiddy Keys is a modern and engaging approach to teaching piano skills and music concepts to preschool children ages 2½ to 5.

What Kiddy Keys IS: What Kiddy Keys is NOT:
Kiddy Keys IS a weekly class for children age 2½ to 5 who love music. Kiddy Keys is NOT a weekly one-on-one traditional music lesson.
Kiddy Keys IS piano-focused and gives children skills that prepare them for formal music lessons should they be interested when they get older. Kiddy Keys is NOT exclusively for children who will go on to study piano.
Kiddy Keys IS a program that offers your child a chance to play at a piano keyboard each week. Kiddy Keys does NOT expect practice time at home or that you even own a piano or keyboard.
Kiddy Keys IS aware that preschool children learn through play, the classes are designed to appeal to a child's natural sense of creativity and fun. Kiddy Keys is NOT going to have your four-year-old playing Mozart sonatas. However, they will learn about Mozart and other great composers.
Kiddy Keys IS thinking about your child as a whole andworks to include important, age-appropriate life lessons like sharing, being polite and taking turns. Kiddy Keys does NOT present information in one form. Children learn in different ways, so Kiddy Keys incorporates activities for aural, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

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Kiddy Keys at Damm Music Center, Enabling and encouraging your child to learn about the piano and music in ways that best meet their needs, maximizing their ability to understand and enjoy what they are learning.

Kiddy Keys offers weekly improvisation on the keyboard, music theory, and composition are combined with the traditional elements of music and movement, school readiness skills, and character development. In Kiddy Keys, children have so many learning opportunities — all in the name of fun!

Educationally Sound:

Here's the research proof that Kiddy Keys music classes are educationally sound.

Beginning with the 2006 – 2007 school year, Enterprise Academy in Green Bay, WI incorporated five arts domains into their curriculum. The domains included music (Kiddy Keys), gymnastics, dance, karate, and art. Using the nationally recognized Woodcock-Munoz Assessment test proctored by Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction licensed teachers, Enterprise Academy conducted a two-year study, measuring students' test scores in the five critical areas. The scores below reflect the students' progress after two years of Arts Enrichment Programming when compared to national norms:

Basic Skills
Defined: Identifying letters, understanding vocabulary
Results: Student test scores improved by 19.58% to 26.91%
Reading Skills
Defined: Matching pictures and basic words
Results: Student test scores improved by 34.59% to 46.23%
Writing Skills
Defined: Writing alphabet letters
Results: Student test scores improved by 50.78% to 65.14%
Math Skills
Defined: Writing a correct number when instructed, early addition
Results: Student test scores improved by 11.01% to 16.56%
Factual Knowledge Skills
Defined: Basic knowledge, identifying pictures
Results: Student test scores improved by 19.39% to 27.32%
Composite Scores
Defined: All five areas were added to yield the composite score
Results: Student test scores improved by a range of 26.76% to 38.42%


Cost & Schedule:

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Only $65/month for a weekly 45 minute class.

Wednesdays, 10am to 10:45am (starting March 6)

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