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Stephanie Dechant

Stephanie Dechant

Teaches Music Lessons For:

  • Voice

Stephanie is a fun and energetic teacher. She earned a Bachelor in Music degree in Vocal Performance, Cum Laude, from Wichita State University with a concentration in Opera, Music Theatre, Jazz & Pedagogy.

While in college Stephanie spent time studying abroad in Italy where she gained experience performing, and studying Italian Opera history and singing style.

Stephanie has experience as a Choir Teacher, Voice Instructor, Theatre Performer, Soloist, and been active in Church Choirs as Soprano Section Leader and Soloist.

Stephanie has a diverse talent for singing, and voice training. Whether you want to sing in church, a rock band or just impress your friends at the next karaoke party, Stephanie will be a tremendous partner helping you achieve your goals.

Call today to schedule lessons with Stephanie, you'll be glad you did!