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Student Showcase

Student Showcase studentshowcase-side-banner.jpg

Live music performance for the students of Damm Music Center's Lesson Program.

Damm Music Center stresses performance as a key to learning music. We offer a performance based program that is designed to encourage students to practice and get the most out of their lessons.

We have four Student Showcases per year; Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter, usually on the last weekend of the quarter. Every student is highly encouraged to participate, no matter your skill level or how long you’ve been taking lessons.

Damm Music Center's program is designed to teach kids musical proficiency in a fun environment.

2021 Showcase Schedule:

Spring Showcase: Saturday March 27th, 3pm

Summer Showcase: Saturday June 26th, 2pm Outside (bring a lawn chair)

Fall Showcase: Saturday September 25th

Winter Showcase: Saturday December 18th



Showcases are held on the Damm Music Stage unless otherwise noted. If you are a student that would like to perform, please register with a Damm Music employee to reserve your spot in the show.