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Trumpet Gapper for 3rd Valve Slide, Medium/Large

$14.99 $10.99
(You save $4.00)

Give yourself control over the third valve slide on your trumpet, instantly.

The third slide ring on a trumpet is designed to be one size fits all - or more accurately, to fit the largest possible hand size. Gapper® comfortably takes up the gap between your finger size and the size of the ring on your trumpet. This gives students and professionals alike more immediate control over the third valve slide.

Gapper® will help even beginners with intonation, control, and comfort. Advanced players and professionals will wonder how they ever played without it. Available in multiple sizes and designed to fit a variety of trumpets and trumpet models.


What size Gapper do I need?:

The size Gapper® each player prefers depends on a variety of factors: brand of instrument, taper of finger, etc. Valve slide rings are not universal, so differences in brand and model of trumpet can have an impact. For example, you may use a different size on Schilke than on Bach instruments. Most players find that, with Bach instruments, the size of Gapper® corresponds with ring size in roughly the following way:

  • Ring Size 5 = XS Gapper
  • Ring Size 6 = Small Gapper
  • Ring Size 7 = Medium Gapper
  • Ring Size 8 = ML Gapper
  • Ring Size 9 = Large Gapper
  • Ring Size 10 = XL Gapper

Generally speaking, if you have large hands, choose an XL or L Gapper®. If you have small hands, choose an XS or S Gapper®. The most common ring sizes are 6 for women and 9 for men.


How big are the Gappers?:

  • XS Gapper: .32 inches
  • Small Gapper: .29 inches
  • Medium Gapper: .26 inches
  • ML Gapper: .23 inches
  • Large Gapper: .20 inches
  • XL Gapper: .17 inches


About the Gapper's Inventor:

David Hunsicker, inventor of the Gapper®, is currently the trumpet professor at Wichita State University and Principal Trumpet of the Wichita Symphony. A couple of decades ago he discovered the necessity of filling the gap to give him better control over the third valve slide. He is thrilled to have an elegant, easy, inexpensive solution to share with trumpet players and teachers.

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