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Martin B-String Crack & Repair

Posted on July 7th 2021

This 1958 Martin O-18 came in with the classic b-string crack caused by a shrinking pickguard. There was glue from a previous attempt at repair that needed to be cleaned out with a heated xacto blade. After cleaning all that out, a spline needed to be put in the crack and then color matched, as well as two cleats on the underside of the top. Then a new pickguard was made to fit just inside the existing lacquer line.

The two pictures above show the Crack before any work was done.
Cleaning out the glue with a heated xacto blade.

The crack has been glued back together and a spline has been put in the crack. The spline was also color matched. Two cleats were also installed on the underside of the top to keep the crack from separating.

Shaping the new replacement pickguard.

Installing the new pickguard.

Repair complete.

And now the new strings are on and this guitar is ready to make music again!

If your instrument is in need of repair, don’t hesitate to stop by our repair shop today!

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