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KEEP Program Preferred Vendor

Damm Music Center has partnered with the Kansas KEEP program as a preferred vendor. Music Lessons & Instruments are available through KEEP (Kansas Education Enrichment Program)!

Apply for aid now!

The Kansas Education Enrichment Program is available to students who are between the ages of 5 (as of August 31, 2022) and 18 years old (as of May 31, 2023). Kansas Education Enrichment Program awards are also available for students with disabilities through the age of 21 and students above the age of 18 years of age who are still in high school, with proof of active school enrollment in a K-12 program.

The Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP) provides qualifying parents and guardians with a $1,000 award per student to pay for educational goods and services.

Families can apply for the program, and if accepted, use these funds for Music Lessons and Instruments, including paying off a School Band or Orchestra Rental.

KEEP – How it Works

Steps to the KEEP Program from Damm Music:

  1. Apply for the Program.
    1. After income and supporting documentation verification is complete (this entire process may take up to two weeks),
      qualifying parents and guardians will receive two emails from Merit to get started using their awards.
      You will use the information in the emails to set up your Account in the KEEP App. (See pages 9 - 13 in the Parent/Guardian Handbook)
  2. Fill Out the Damm Music Survey. After your application is approved complete our Survey: Damm Music KEEP Info Survey
  3. Receive Invoice from Damm Music. We will email you a pdf Invoice of the instruments and lessons you have requested.
    1. Lessons and Instruments will be invoiced separately, due to the way you input the claim.
  4. Create a Claim. (page 17 of the Parent/Guardian Handbook).
    1. Fill in Damm Music as your Service Provider (Damm Music's Provider Number is 300032)
    2. Select Service Category (Music Lessons/Instrument Purchases)
    3. Enter your Claim Amount (this amount can be found on the Invoice Damm Music emails you)
    4. Upload Receipts or Invoices (upload a Screen Shot of the pdf Invoice Damm Music emails you)
  5. Confirmation & Approval. The KEEP App will confirm your claim has been entered.
    1. Let us know! This is not required, but we like to know... send an email to to let us know you entered the claim.
    2. KEEP App confirms with Damm Music that they have received this claim, and funds are available.
    3. We will approve the Claim on our end of the KEEP App.
    4. You will get a notice the Claim has been approved.
  6. Fulfillment. We will contact you to make final arrangements to fulfill your lessons/instrument(s).


If you have already paid for Music Lessons or an Instrument you can still apply to be a KEEP Beneficiary, and submit your receipt for reimbursement! Contact us for details.

Useful Links:
Parent/Guardian Handbook
KEEP – How it Works
Apply for KEEP Application

The awards will be issued to those who qualify based on applicants whose income is 300% or less of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Please see the chart(s) below to help determine eligibility:

Music lessonsMusic instrument repairBuy, sell, trade used instrumentsMusic instrument rentals