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Music lessons


8945 W. Central • Wichita, KS 67212
Mon-Th 10a-9p • Fri-Sat 10a-8p • Sun 12a-4p

Music Lessons Wichita KS

Damm Music Center is the best source for music lessons in Wichita, KS. We offer lessons for guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, ukulele, violin, mandolin, banjo, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and many other instruments. You can even take rock music lessons and learn to play in a band! Our music lessons are geared for both kids and adults, as well as all ability levels including beginners and experienced musicians. See all the adult and kids music lesson options available below. We have lesson options for everyone!



You're the boss! Private music lessons are tailored to you, as only private instruction can be. You and your teacher work to design a course that best suits your goals and interests. Playing an instrument is a personal experience that allows you to share your individuality. Whether you play in church or in a rock band, alone in your room or in a coliseum, your voice on your instrument is unique. 

We want to help you find and develop your voice!

The more comfortable you are with music and your instrument, the easier it is to express yourself.


Our Wichita music teachers each have thorough musical training, teaching expertise, and professional performance experience.

You have the opportunity to learn:

  • Theory and harmony
  • Ear training
  • Elements of style
  • Improvisation
  • Scales and technique
  • and much more...

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Ready to get started?
Call or Text Damm Music Center at 316-773-9060 or fill out the Survey at the bottom of this page.


The safety of our Students and Teachers is a priority. Our teachers pass a Background Check. Our Wichita Music Lesson Studios have a CCTV Camera with a Display TV in our waiting area, parents can see what's happening in the lesson without interfering. Lesson Studios also have windows on the doors so you can see inside.


Single Private Lesson:  $32/lesson
All ages. 30 minute single private lesson. You choose specific days and times, not on a regular re-occurring basis. Payment is due at scheduling.

Weekly Private Lessons:  $104/month

All ages. 30 minute Weekly Lesson. You choose a lesson day and time that is then reserved for you every week. Includes opportunity to perform the in Student Showcases.

Learning To Fly:  $169/month
Beginner performance group. Includes weekly 30 minute private lesson and weekly one hour group rehearsal. 

Rock Academy:  $219/month
Experienced performance group. Includes weekly 30 minute private lesson, weekly two hour group rehearsal, and two concerts in the final month of session.

Adult Band:  $169/month
Ages 18+. Includes weekly 30 minute private lesson, weekly one hour group rehearsal, assistance booking performances.

Rock Academy Extra Session:  $89/month
Already in Rock Academy and want to do a second or third show? You can! Just let us know. Discount only available to students taking weekly private lessons.

Rock Academy Rehearsal Only:  $132/month *New Lower Price! Effective June 2023
Experienced performance group without taking private lessons. Includes weekly two hour group rehearsal, two concerts in final month of session. No private lessons.

Adult Band Rehearsal Only:  $132/month
Ages 18+. Weekly one hour group rehearsal, assistance booking performances. No private lessons.


Learning to Fly - Play In A Band Right Away!
Learning to Fly is for beginning students, no experience necessary. Includes weekly private lessons and a weekly group rehearsal. Students will work on songs together to perform on stage!

Rock Academy - Play In A Band!
Rock Academy is for experienced students who enjoy playing in a band. Includes weekly private lessons, and a weekly group rehearsal. Each sessions performs two awesome concerts at cool local venues.

Adult Band - Play In A Band!
Adult Band is for ages 18+. Includes weekly private lessons and a weekly group rehearsal. Work on songs together to perform!

Student Showcase - Perform on Stage!
Student Showcases are open to all students taking private lessons. Students can perform in public. No extra cost. Everyone is encouraged to perform. Held 4 times a year (spring, summer, fall and winter).


The month's tuition is due at the first lesson or rehearsal of the month. There is a $5 late fee if not paid by the 10th day of the month. Students are expected to attend all lessons and rehearsals.

There will be several months that have a 5th lesson, we use this extra lesson to make up for those with only 3 when the store is closed for holidays and your vacation or illness should you need it.

Rescheduling is allowed if notice is given at least one day in advance. Naturally, there will be times when illness or transportation problems will unavoidably alter your schedule. However, if a cancellation is made after hours or the day of the lesson, rescheduling is not an option.

We do not reschedule due to the store being closed for holidays.

We do not reschedule due to severe weather (snow, tornado, etc.).

Substitute teachers may be required on occasion without notice.

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KEEP Kansas Education Enrichment Program Provider
Damm Music Center is now a Qualified Education Service Provider for the KEEP Kansas Education Enrichment Program.

   Feb. 22. 2023: Governor Kelly Announces Qualifying Families Can Now Apply for $1000 per Student for Learning Recovery.

Learn more here.