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Damm Music Center

Music lessons


8945 W. Central • Wichita, KS 67212
Mon-Th 10a-9p • Fri-Sat 10a-8p • Sun 12a-4p

Musical Instrument Repairs Wichita KS

Damm Music Center is a full service music store located in Wichita, KS. Our in-store luthier & repair technicians have years of experience repairing a wide variety of instruments including; Fretted Strings, Orchestral Strings, Woodwind & Brass Instruments.

Damm Music Center offers the musicians of Wichita fast turn around times and competitive rates for musical instrument repairs.

  • Fretted String Repairs
    • Electric Guitar
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Bass Guitar
    • Mandolin
    • Banjo
    • Ukulele
    • and more...
  • Orchestral String Repairs
    • Violin
    • Viola
    • Cello
    • Bass
  • Woodwind Instrument Repairs
    • Flute
    • Clarinet
    • Saxophone
    • and more...
  • Brass Instrument Repairs
    • Trumpet
    • Trombone
    • Cornet
    • F. Horn
    • Baritone/Euphonium
    • Tuba
    • and more...

Drop off your instrument today for a free estimate. 

Instrument Repair Wichita KS
Musical Instrument Repair Wichita
Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the guitar work Dean done on my Epi Custom Les Paul. It sounds and plays so much better after he did the work on it. I am absolutely happy with the guitar now, it sounds and plays like a High-end Gibson, the chords and notes are so much more definitive and it has the LP "Growl" that it was missing before the "Tune-up". Tell Dean thanks he is awesome!!! I also would like to thank Brian (I believe that was his name). He was there when I dropped the guitar off and helped me with getting it checked in and also recommending the Elixer guitar strings, tell him he is right, although more expensive than what I was using, they are awesome and I am sold on buying them in the future. Thanks again for all your help and patience on me bringing the guitar in. You guys have earned my business for the future."

- Mike, May 2013

A well adjusted instrument has many advantages, and it's worth the investment. Your music will sound better. Practice and performance are more rewarding and fun. A beginning player has the best chances of success when their instrument plays well, and plays in tune, and creates a good sound. The student will be inspired to practice more.

When starting on the guitar, your fingers will hurt some, and a badly adjusted guitar will cause even more frustration. Most inexpensive guitars can be adjusted to play reasonably well. Part of learning music is training your ears. If your guitar doesn't play in tune, It is much more difficult to learn to hear the notes and chords. A guitar that plays easily, plays in tune, and sounds good is lots of fun, and more inspiring.
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